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  • Sweet 16’s


    This was written by one of our "sweet 16's."  I asked her to write this for us, and here is what she came up with!  Thank you Ariella!

    One of the things we DJ for are sweet 16's. For your sweet 16, you want to have great music and a lot of fun, that is one of the reasons why you should pick We Love To Party. You want your sweet 16 to be memorable, fun, and crazy, so that's why we are the right choice. Your sweet 16 won't be just fun memorable, and crazy but it will be the best night of your life! We play the best songs out there and we are great at remixing them too! We are fun, nice, and have almost every song out there on our playlist for you to request. From the Beatles to Drake, we have everything! Its not even the music thats great, but come on, its your sweet 16! if you wanna have fun, we are the company you want to hire.  We are by far the best DJ's ever, so thats why you should pick us to be your sweet 16 DJ!